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Dr Bradley J. Matthews

Dr Brad Matthews has been in the faculty at Covenant Theological Seminary since 2008. He began his professional life as a mechanical engineer before entering seminary. During his time as an Mdiv degree student at Covenant, he served as a pastoral intern in youth ministries and director of campus ministry. He then pursued PhD studies at the University of Durham in England while serving as an adjunct lecturer in both Greek and Hebrew at Cranmer Hall, and completed his thesis on the nature of Christian Maturity, which involved an interdisciplinary evaluation of modern perspectives and theories using a biblical theology of maturity.


Dr. Matthews has published on the topics of Christian maturity and interpretive issues in Colossians. His interest in these subjects and experience at Covenant in the formational aspects of the curriculum have uniquely equipped him to support and connect with students.


Dr Daniel M. Doriani

After a decade as senior pastor of Central Presbyterian church in Clayton, Missouri, Dr Dan Doriani returned to Covenant Theological Seminary in October 2013 to serve as Vice President of Strategic Academic Projects and Professor of Theology at Covenant Theological Seminary, and became Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology and Vice President at large in 2019.

He teaches two core courses for the Master of Divinity (MDiv) program — Christian Ethics and Reformation and Modern Church History — as well as some elective courses on exegesis and church life. He also speaks in churches and conferences.

Dr. Doriani has extensive teaching and pastoral experience as an interim, assistant, associate, and solo pastor, and has been involved in several planning and study committees at the presbytery level. He has written many books and commentaries, and is a contributing blogger for The Gospel Coalition.


Dr Zack Eswine

Dr Zack Eswine is the Director of the Homiletics Program and Adjunct Professor of Homiletics at Covenant Theological Seminary, where he teaches homiletics and oversees the Seminary’s adjunct and visiting homiletic preaching instructors.

He is a Resident Scholar of the Francis Schaeffer Institute, and continues to serve as Lead Pastor at Riverside Church (EPC) in Webster Groves, Missouri. Dr. Eswine and his wife, Jessica, serve ministry leaders and those who doubt by opening their home and pursuing the wisdom of Jesus for the questions of life. Dr. Eswine also teaches advanced-level courses in pastoral leadership, apologetics, and preaching at various seminaries, and has authored several books. 


Dr Aaron Goldstein

Dr Aaron Goldstein is currently the Assistant Professor of Old  Testament at Covenant Theological Seminary,

Prior to coming aboard full time at Covenant, Dr Goldstein served for eight years as a pastor at Cornerstone Church, a local congregation in St. Louis, Missouri, and taught as an Adjunct Professor of Religion at Lindenwood University. He holds a PhD in biblical studies from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.