Several Open Books




Apologetics & Evangelism

1 April to 20 May 2021

Professor Zack Eswine


How did Jesus do evangelism? And how can we too handle questions and objections to the faith with the spirit and love of Jesus? Join us as we learn from how Jesus and the early Christians engaged in apologetics with those around them. 

learning evangelism from Jesus
Evangelism in a skeptical world

Old Testament Survey

21 October to 16 December 2021

Professor Aaron Goldstein


Does the Old Testament feel like a random mix of people, events and ideas to you? Join us and gain a big picture overview of the Old Testament story, and how each of its four sections - The Pentateuch, Historical Books, Prophetical Books, Psalms and Wisdom Literature - come together as an interrelated whole. 


1. The Epic of Eden: A Christian Entry into the Old Testament

by Sandra L. Richter

 Putting in usable order the Old Testament as a history of God's redeeming grace, this book will organize your understanding of the Old Testament and renew your enthusiasm for studying the Bible as a whole.

Epic of Eden.jpg

 Past Courses 

Singleness, Marriage
& Sexuality

5 August to 23 September 2021

Professor Dan Doriani

What does the Bible have to say about sex, singleness, marriage and sexuality, such as transgenderism? Join us as we seek to understand and winsomely respond to society's evolving views on sexuality and gender with faithfulness to God's Word.

Meaning of Sex.jpg

Church & Last Things

14 January to 4 March 2021

Professor Brad Matthews

What is the Church really supposed to do and be? How does understanding eschatology impact my faith and

day-to-day living? Join us and grow in purposeful living as we await Christ's return.

Th Church
The Bible and the Future

Christian Ethics

17 September to 5 November 2020

Professor Dan Doriani

How are we to live as Christians in all of life? Whether it's in our thinking, our recreation, our eating, and friendships, Christ redeems us to live rightly. Join us for the course and discover how the gospel affects our lives completely and comprehensively. 

Evangelical Ethics
The Doctrine of the Christian Life

Calling, Work

and Vocation

25 June to 13 August 2020

Professor Brad Matthews

What is my 'calling'? How does my work relate with God's work in His world? And how does the Fall affect how we work today? Join us as we uncover our purpose in the world through work and vocation. 

Creation Regained